Montag, 7. März 2011

Rom Manager - MUST have for all custom ROM users!

A simple and helpfull tool to don't make installing and backing up ROMs easy as pie!

It really becomes tedious if you constantly try out new ROMs and therefore delete your old ones.
Booting into recovery -> manually backing up -> -> reboot into recovery -> manually installing the new ROM.

Well, not anymore! Rom Manager installs a new ROM or backs your old one up with one simple click!

There is a free version and a paied one availible:

Free Version:

-Install ROMs automaticly
-Back up ROMs

Paied version (3,56€):

-Download Premium ROMs
-Update notifications for your ROM
-Automatic backups
-Web connect

Developers Website:

Availible at the Android Market.


  1. i agree. i know this small gadget since a while and its def one of the greatest ever

  2. Have you tried the paid one? Is it useful (the Premium ROMs?)

  3. ahh nice, will follow this blog so much on my droid I dont even know about!

  4. @ Baxxman
    I think so, looks quit offical.

  5. Think this is what I need - wanted to try other ROMs but don't want to lose everything and start from scratch.